Sulphoraphane is a sulphur-rich compound found in the cruciferous vegetable family: cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, watercress and arugula. The strongest of sources being raw, frozen broccoli sprouts.

These sulphur compounds have been linked to some incredible health effects, including cancer fighting, heart health promoting, anti-diabetic, brain supportive, digestive enhancing and skin health.

Topically, sulphoraphane works absolute wonders on sun damaged skin. It can be used both to prevent and to help treat sun damage, and has been my sunscreen for the last couple of years. I have personally witnessed sun/age/liver spots, moles, skin tags, scars and eczema and more disappear with its use topically, but I have also seen some pretty incredible stuff happen when it’s ingested too.

I was first drawn to it as a dietary supplement when introduced to its use for acne. As a long time sufferer of hormonally driven acne, I was first exposed to its effects on scarring and problem prone skin, and later, discovered it’s use internally for hormonal balance by supporting the removal of excess estrogens from the body. This is a supplement I use daily both topically and internally for my sensitive acne prone skin and for hormone dysregulation from years of birth control pill use (I’m sure the two are connected!).

Problems with Estrogen? Excess estrogen has been linked to allergies, autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, uterine cancer, infertility, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PMS, increased blood clotting, and is also associated with acceleration of the aging process. It is most certainly not a problem reserved only for women, men experience excess estrogen as well, and this can result in lower sex drive, excess weight gain, fatigue, lower sperm count, breast tissue development and much more.

There are many things in your environment that disrupt hormones and mimic estrogen:

  • BPA-found in plastics, till receipts, lining of canned goods
  • Parabens- found in shampoos/conditioners, body washes, sunscreen
  • Benzophenones- found in most sunscreens as an anti-bacterial agent
  • Atrazine- found in many insecticides and is a common water pollutant
  • Phthlates- found in plastic food containers, children’s toys, plastic wrap, PVC, many personal beauty care products. Look for a plastic #3 to avoid
  • Perchlorate- is a common air, water, and food contaminant from rocket fuel. Competes with iodine for binding, and can be removed from water using a reverse osmosis filter, and iodine taken internally.
  • Fire retardants- polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs, these are literally nearly impossible to avoid as they are a common air contaminant
  • Arsenic- a common water contaminant
  • Mercury-vaccines, seafood, amalgams
  • Perfluroinated chemicals (PFCs)-non-stick cookwear, stain-water resistant clothing or furniture and carpets
  • Organophosphate chemicals- most common herbicides/pesticides on the market
  • Glycol Esters- common solvents in paints, cleaning products, brake fluid and cosmetics

Check out the EWG on in-depth information on many types of toxic exposures in food, beauty, common household cleaners and more. Here is an article on the most common endocrine (hormone) disruptors:

Sulphoraphane dosing:

1-2 cups daily of broccoli sprouts,


2+ capsules daily of the extract capsules

Take it with selenium, either 1capsule a day (55mcg), 2+ Brazil nuts, or 1 tsp black mountain ant powder, to increase its effectiveness as a phase 2 detoxifier.

Topically: apply often!

Check out this video between Dr. Chris Kresser and Dr. Chris Shade, it’s one of my all time favourite talks on mercury toxicity and detoxification strategies to understand selenium’s role in detox pathways.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is probably one of the internet’s best sources on learning more about sulphoraphane. Seriously, check out ANY of the videos she has posted on the subject.

Here is a link to when she was on Joe Rogan’s podcast:

And a good overview can be found on her platform FoundMyFitness, describing all the benefits of sulphoraphane:

Newco is a local Calgary based company from whom we get our encapsulated sulphoraphane and topical creams and ointments.Their ointment uses essential oils which help as a natural mosquito repellant and has been my overall sun protection for years.

Sulforaphane mobilizes cellular defences that protect skin against damage by UV radiation, Paul Talalay, Jed W. Fahey et al. 2007


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