Tuesday October 23rd

On Tuesday evening, attendee’s of our seminar learned about 2 different phenomenal products from Purica- Prevent and Prevail. The presenter was John Danylowich, B.Sc -one of the bright minds and formulators behind Prevent and Prevail (and CEO of Nuumarra). Prevent is a unique immune system modulator and Prevail is an antiviral formula that is good for so much more than just colds and flus. Read on for more details!

John explaining Prevent and Prevail to a full house @ Lotus Herbal Health

Prevent is a product from Purica consisting of ginseng and astragalus that have been metabolized to increase bioavailability and absorption. It’s a formula that took years to create and the ingredients are patented and named Immunidiol. Over 2,000 clinical trials have been done on this formula.

From the Immunidiol website “Research has proven that Immunidiol improves both cellular and hormonal immunity, increases phagocytic activity of phagocytes, elevates levels of cellular factors for enhanced immune response, and triggers the immune defense system with immunomodulatory activities. It has also been clinically demonstrated to suppress the growth of ovarian, colon, skin and prostate cancer cells, with the active components demonstrating antitumor, anti-stress, and antioxidant activities. Immunidiol has been shown to increase the efficacy of 

chemotherapy and reduce the side effects. It also increases the responsiveness of lymphocytes in the elderly, and has been clinically shown in vivo to substantially prolong life span and improve the ability to adapt to stress.
This proprietary process is patent protected and has won several international awards, including: the Science Technology and Innovation 863 Award and a High Tech Transfer Certificate.”

Prevent will boost your immune system if you’re low (FANTASTIC for folks undergoing chemotherapy) and will lower it if it is overactive, like in the case of auto-immune disorders.

Purica’s Prevail is a very special product, formulated after the Traditional Chinese medicine called Shuang Huang Lian (SHL). In China, this formula works incredibly well when dispensed fresh at a hospital or TCM dispensary, but the commercial varieties are often ineffective due to the active ingredient losing potency quickly.

John spent years working with some of the best scientists in North America to stabilize the active ingredient and double its potency, thus, Prevail was born! This is a superior antiviral, working its magic on colds, flus, and some of the big guys like the herpes simplex virus and avion flu. It stops viral replication and encourages our immune systems to fight the invader. The World Health Organization has thrown their support behind this formula as well, as clinical studies have found it to be effective for stopping the influenza virus approximately 90% of the time when taken over 3 days.  Just one small dose (10ml) is often enough to stop a cold or flu in its tracks, though John recommends taking a second dose on day 2 even if you’re feeling good (due to the virus’ life cycle).  Prevail can be used preventatively – 10ml once a week is all you need, though if you know you’re being exposed to more viruses than the average person, feel free to take it more frequently.

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