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Microbiome: Missing Foundation of Health – at our NEW location in Haysboro Centre – 8417 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary

What do nearly every illness and ailment have in common? Answer: Abnormal gut bacteria. If you lack sufficient good bacteria it can affect any part of the body including your neurological system, blood sugar, connective tissue, skin, or more. Whether you are struggling to overcome illness or simply want to enjoy greater energy and immunity, balancing your microbiome is the foundation where it all begins. Join us at Nature’s Emporium and learn various approaches to optimize your good bacteria. Start your New Beginnings today!

Host: Kitty Cates For years Kitty’s immune and digestive problems had her in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Her search for healing eventually led her to work with Canada’s largest natural health book publisher/distributor. Her experience in publishing and touring cross-country with authors and pioneers in alternative medicine enabled her to gain many insights into the foundations of wellness. Currently, she continues to empower people through education. She does lectures on the microbiome and is a product educator with Olie Naturals.

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