How can we define beauty??? And how can we Age gracefully???

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

It is defined by our self worth and unconditional self love. By the we treat ourselves and by our awareness of our bodies can be synchronize with the universes true consciousness. This is where stems true happiness and contentment. I use three things everyday: Schizandra for liver support. In the Read more…

Purica’s Solution to the Cold and Flu Season

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Join us Tuesday October 23rd at 6:30pm for an informative evening on Purica’s solution to the cold and flu season for the whole family- products Prevent and Prevail! *Registration is required*  Learn how these natural products with thousands of clinical trials boost your body’s defenses and help your system fight off Read more…

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