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Liver Gallbladder Flush Lunch ‘n Learn

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Do you know that gallbladder removal surgery is the top abdominal surgery in North America?

We NEED that gallbladder... why don't we decongest it and the bile duct instead of getting rid of it?

And if it's too late and you have already had your gallbladder removed, this can still help you.

I f any of the following applies to you, your liver is likely in need of some loving attention:


Intermittent Fasting, Prolonged Fasting & Chinese Cooking

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Throughout the years of intermittent and prolonged fasting, I found many issues arise. One of them is that some people have a hard time maintaining the lower weight and start to gain it right back, and some have specific physical issues of which I will touch on later. Until we Read more…


Bilberry Chocolate & No-Bake Cookies

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

I created very interesting and unique recipes for my chocolates and now no-bake cookies with bilberries. They are one of the most tasty and delicious recipes I made in my cooking experience. This is a personal story from Rose to share: Rose’s mother has developed glaucoma in her older years. Read more…

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