How can we define beauty??? And how can we Age gracefully???

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

It is defined by our self worth and unconditional self love. By the we treat ourselves and by our awareness of our bodies can be synchronize with the universes true consciousness. This is where stems true happiness and contentment. I use three things everyday: Schizandra for liver support. In the Read more…

Fermentation 101 Workshop

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Join us later this month to add a new healthy habit to your wellness repertoire- FERMENTED FOODS! Sascha has been fermenting foods for years, and has experience with everything from sauerkraut to kefir to kvass! Don’t know those terms? Then this class is for you! Read on for more details Read more…


Fermentation 101

Lotus - Haysboro 8417 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary

Fermentation is one of the oldest forms of food processing, and once upon a time, fermentation was a necessary skill in order to preserve food and get sufficient calories and nutrition when food sources were scarce. However, with the advent of fridges, high-speed transportation, and the loss of traditional practices Read more…

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