Our Mission Statement

My name is Betty, and I want to introduce Lotus, a herbal and supplement store that my mother Rose and I started in 2013, and has transformed into my new passion for the word and meaning behind CONNECTION.

I personally feel that the world in which we live has been isolating us for quite some time. Our connection to our history, traditional knowledge, and even our connections to each other are slowly being eroded.

Wading the waters of life can feel daunting, stressful and confusing. We are witness to global health trends that are ever tending toward doom, gloom and despair with chronic disease rates skyrocketing and these scary health outcomes happening earlier than we have ever thought possible. It makes me cry thinking about what we have done to the planet and to each other.

Through this dark cloud, I believe that our strongest asset is to foster and develop connection. In a world where obscurity is the mantra, I choose voice, transparency and light. We will only find answers if we all ask the questions, and share our knowledge and the knowledge of our ancestors with each other. I may not have all the answers, but it is my duty to humanity to help uncover truths, share them and help connect each of you to one another. Our thoughts, intentions and actions will move mountains, I promise. 

Therefore it is us, Lotus, your connection to health, that will help you get back to your roots. We will be that space where you feel comfortable talking, asking those difficult questions, and we will share everything we have with you. We believe with all our hearts in a better future.


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