Betty Devries’ Raw Chocolate Recipe: 

raw chocolate

There are three main ingredients (1 cup each):

Raw Criollo Cacao Powder, Raw Criollo Cacao Butter, Raw Coconut Oil.

In a double boiler, melt down equal parts of cacao butter and coconut oil.

Once it’s fully melted, add in cacao powder and your sweetener. I use raw honey. After the sweetener has melted and mixed, add your other powders.

*This recipe makes about 36 chocolates depending on the size of your molds.

For the batch that I made most recently, I added in:
-carob powder
-lucuma powder
-vanilla powder

Once I mixed and poured my chocolate, I sprinkle a quality salt on top and let it set in the freezer.


Hibiscus Syrup

Dried Hibiscus Petals – 2 Cups.

Water- 4 Cups.

Lakanto Classic- 1 Cup to 1 Cup & 1/2 Cup, choose preferred amount of sweetness.

Red Beet Crystals – 1 Tsp. (Optional for more vibrant red colour)

Step 1- Set cooking temperature to medium on stove top. Using a heavy bottom pot or pan. Add water, sweetener, dried hibiscus petals and red beet crystals. Stir and mix well.

Step 2- Cover the pot with a lid and cook medium heat for about 10 minutes, or in till the mixture starts to thicken.

Step 3- wait for the liquid to be luke warm, strain the liquid from the petals into a bottle or bowl. The liquid collected is the syrup and the hibiscus petals in the strainer are hibiscus petal Jam.

Hibiscus Milk

Hibiscus syrup- 2-3 tsp. or to taste.

Dairy or nut milk of choice- 6 oz.