Demo Day with Ellie Bianca Body Oils October 11th

How can we define beauty??? And how can we Age gracefully???

It is defined by our self worth and unconditional self love. By the we treat ourselves and by our awareness of our bodies can be synchronize with the universes true consciousness. This is where stems true happiness and contentment.

I use three things everyday:

  1. Schizandra for liver support. In the old days of China we say: consume schizandra for 100 days and our skin will become transformed with radiate beauty.
  2.  Ollie -19 herbs probiotic fermentation for beauty and digestive support.
  3. And the Ellie Bianca body oil,  which is made from top quality organic body oils.(it is truly a fantastic oil, smells so fresh and joyful). All you need is a few drops for the whole body and face. Now it is on sale for 15% off in our shop.

Experience the full collection of Ellie’s body oils in person on Thursday October 11th from 12-3pm during our Demo day.  For more information on Ellie Bianca and founder Evelyne Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol please visit their website.


*sold out* Detoxifying Your Immune System: November 15th

*Postponed to November 15th* How to Detoxify Your Immune System with Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics and Vital Essence

(No seats left, keep your eyes peeled

for the next one!)


We are pleased to once again be hosting Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics and Vital Essence- our favourite source for medicinal mushrooms and superfoods! His talks are very popular so please register ASAP if you’re planning on attending: Eventbrite Registration

Attendees will:

-Learn why Derek predicts one of the worse (immune) Cold and Flu seasons ever!

-Learn what you can do to combat Colds and Flu while addressing overalllymphatic cleansing

-Participants will learn how to individualize their ‘herbal’ strategy for theentire cold & flu season

-Learn how to craft delicious immuno-supportive recipes and elixirs at home

A $45 ticket value FOR FREE!

About Derek:

For the past 18 years Derek Fleming M.H. has dedicated his life to the study of Herbs as medicine, Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic Herbalism and thepractices of Seasonal Attunement. Derek is the Founder of New EarthOrganics & Vital Essence Herbs; tonic herb companies focused on the relentless dedication of delivering powerful high quality tonic herbs into the hands of the people.

Join DEREK in this FREE Lecture and Elixir crafting session and discover the what the power of Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms can do for YOU!

Our new space can only hold about 30 people so reserve your seat as soon as possible:  Eventbrite Registration

Free Talk – Kitty Cates on Microbiome 9/26/2018 & 9/27/2018

+++ Sorry, both classes are full already. +++

Microbiome: Missing Foundation of Health – at our NEW location in Haysboro Centre – 8417 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary

What do nearly every illness and ailment have in common? Answer: Abnormal gut bacteria. If you lack sufficient good bacteria it can affect any part of the body including your neurological system, blood sugar, connective tissue, skin, or more. Whether you are struggling to overcome illness or simply want to enjoy greater energy and immunity, balancing your microbiome is the foundation where it all begins. Join us at Nature’s Emporium and learn various approaches to optimize your good bacteria. Start your New Beginnings today!

Host: Kitty Cates For years Kitty’s immune and digestive problems had her in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Her search for healing eventually led her to work with Canada’s largest natural health book publisher/distributor. Her experience in publishing and touring cross-country with authors and pioneers in alternative medicine enabled her to gain many insights into the foundations of wellness. Currently, she continues to empower people through education. She does lectures on the microbiome and is a product educator with Olie Naturals.

Free Talk – Derek Fleming on Medicinal Mushrooms 9/27/2015

Derek Flemming

Derek Flemming


We welcome Derek Fleming on the topic of supporting your health with a thriving immune system.

Lotus Herbal Health is hosting an informative and transformative talk on Sunday, September 27th @ 12 pm. Derek Fleming, master herbalist and founder of New Earth Organics will be speaking on how to build and train your immune system to support vibrant health for everyone in your family.

Specifically, the topic of Medicinal Mushrooms will be addressed, giving light to the Traditional use, Clinical, and Current Pharma use.

We hope to see you all there, as we explore the magic of the forest and this body of knowledge that has been used for Centuries in different parts of the world. If anything, the topic of mushrooms and their widespread use for human health and food consumption may just open your eyes to a whole new world.

Rose and Betty in Colombia 8/2015


Beautiful Colombia

Beautiful Colombia

Colombia opened their hearts to us, and we have built some beautiful relationships that we are excited to be able to share with you all soon!


Free Talk – Derek Fleming on Medicinal Mushrooms 2/01/2015

Derek Fleming

Derek Fleming

Come and join us at Lotus Herbal Health on February 1st, 2015 @ 12pm for a fee public talk by Master Herbalist Derek Fleming – the founder of New Earth Organics. Derek will be speaking to us about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and how they benefit our immune system, increase our energy and restore the body to a healthy balance.

New Earth Organics is a Canadian based company founded by Master Herbalist Derek Fleming in Calgary, Alberta.

New Earth Organics intent is to educate that ‘real food’ carries a life force of infinite complexity. It is the companies belief that this life force (and how it fully interacts with the human body), is beyond the scope of organic chemistry and conventional orthomolecular theory. As Hippocrates once stated..”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – those at New Earth Organics know how true this indeed is.

With intent on bringing to market the most powerful collection of herbs they can find from Local, Continental, and International locations, they are doing their part to help nourish us in the most effective way possible – through the magic of REAL FOODS. They are commited to sustainable practices in the sourcing, production, and promotion of their products.

Betty is back from Thailand 9/2014

Betty Devries

Betty de Vries


Back from Thailand with many stories. I met some very interesting people with rural indigenous Thai healing remedies. Get ready to try some traditional Thai herbs as we will soon be brining in 0products that will wow you!
Also, I will be having chocolate at Lotus Herbal Health this weekend. And it will be filled with New Earth Organics Red Reishi and Sacred Lotus Pollen and it will be flavoured London Fog! — at The Market on Macleod.