Wednesday July 10th @6:30pm

Intermittent Fasting & Chinese Dumplings | $10

From Rose: “My husband and I started a program to improve our liver health about 10 months ago, after receiving a scary diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Even though I was eating a healthy vegetarian diet, my liver was in rough shape and my blood sugar had crept up to diabetic levels. We are both experiencing similar benefits on this program, losing weight and getting our blood sugar back to normal levels! Everyone who sees me comments on my weight-loss and younger-looking skin! Best of all, my liver has regenerated itself and my energy has returned.”
What is this program? Intermittent fasting.
Will you go hungry while intermittent fasting? Not if you ease into it with the right support!
What will you learn at Rose’s talk?
-how to guide the body to burn stored fat
-how to get into fasting/ketosis without feeling hungry
-the meaning of ketosis, ketones, and autophagy
-the benefits of fasting for weight-loss, liver health, and overall rejuvenation
-how to make Chinese dumplings!
“Chinese dumpling making is popular in the northern part of China. My father grew up in that region, so I had an amazing teacher when he was still alive. It was such gift which I never forget and would love to share with all of you!”
Last time Rose did a similar talk we had a VERY full house, so register soon to avoid missing out! And you don’t want to miss an opportunity to try her cooking! Trust us :)

Master Herbalist Derek Fleming’s next talk:

Healing the Heart and Emotions: True Beauty through Cultivating Shen

Friday June 7th, 2019 6:30 – 8:00pm

Join Master Herbalist Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics & Vital Essence Herbs for this exciting lecture! Derek will explore many different herbs through the eyes of Taoist tonic herbalism & seasonal herbology attunement theory. If you want to be BEAUTIFUL from the inside and out – then this is the class for you!

Attendees will:
-Learn Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms that are the best for healing the physical and ‘emotional’ Heart

-How the Summer (Heart season) is the best time of the year to heal/balance your emotions

-How to effectively cultivate your “Shen” – to reduce depression/anxiety and increase happiness

-Background and usage information for each of the medicinal ingredients will be explored

-How to craft delicious ‘Heart Healing’ recipes that will heal your physical heart, reduce cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, increase your happiness, and extend your lifespan!

A $45 ticket value FOR ONLY $25!
~Registration is REQUIRED~


Call (403) 701-4248 for more details or email

Please print your ticket or have it ready on your phone for entry to this event!

Lotus Herbal Health’s Spring Seminar Series

*Click on the event to be taken to our registration page for more info*

Friday May 17th: Superfood Snacks Workshop 1-3pm

Saturday May 18th: Superfood Snacks Workshop 1-3pm

Tuesday May 21st: Liver Health, Weight-loss, and the Keto Diet 1-2pm

Friday June 7th: Healing the Heart and Emotions through Cultivating Shen, with Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics 6:30-8pm

Wednesday June 19th: Taming the Flames of Inflammation with Sascha Kalivoda of Lotus Herbal Health and New Earth Organics 6:30-8pm

Check back- more events TBA!

Learn to Make Superfood Gummy Bears and Energy Bites: 2 Dates May 17th & 18th

Looking for healthy snack ideas? Needing nutritious fuel for your summer adventures? Not sure what to do with your cupboards full of superfoods?

Then join us May 17th or 18th for an awesome new workshop! Mandy will be teaching (and demonstrating) how to make 2 awesome superfood snacks for summer- gummy bears with grass-fed gelatin and raw energy bites! These are both great foundational skills to have under your belt- once you understand the basics you can re-create these recipes to suit your individual needs.*

When Mandy’s sister saw her making energy bites, she was floored at how easy they are to make. She used to spend hours making granola bars that would crumble in her backpack on the way to school and now she’s sold on this technique! By keeping energy bites raw (as opposed to baked granola), we also keep way more of the nutrients intact.

We at Lotus Herbal take a seasonal approach to eating, so this workshop will focus on cooling herbs and superfoods for the summer season. *Click here to register*

*both recipes can be made sugar-free, and we’re always happy to chat with you about what your specific needs are :)

Attendees will:

-Learn how to make superfood gummy bears with grass-fed gelatin

-Learn how to make satiating energy bites

-Learn about which herbs and superfoods are best to consume in the summer

-Learn about low-glycemic sweetener options (that don’t have a yucky aftertaste)

-Get to try samples!

Two dates to choose from: Friday May 17th or Saturday May 18th

Time: 1pm-3pm

Cost: $32 (plus $2.11 for the Eventbrite fee. Register in person to avoid the fee!)

Any questions? Please send us an email at or give our shop a call at 403-457-7197

Please save paper and don’t print your ticket. We will have a copy of the guestlist on hand!

*Click here to register*

Raw Chocolate Workshops! Friday April 12th or Saturday April 13th

Our next raw chocolate workshop is coming up quick! This time, the focus is on liver health and we’ll be creating chocolates that will appeal to children- just in time for Easter!

Why liver health? Springtime is the time of the Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the season of the liver (and gallbladder). If your liver qi (energy) isn’t flowing smoothly you’ll probably be noticing things this time of the year like an increase in irritability and anger, and problems with digestion, sleep or menstruation.

Don’t be intimidated, making your own raw chocolates is quick and easy! Once you’ve learned these basic skills that suit any dietary need, the options are endless as to what you can create at home.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about the benefits of raw cacao products
  • Learn about which medicinal mushrooms and superfoods support the liver/gallbladder
  • Learn how to transform the superfoods in their cupboards into delicious healthy chocolates that even kids will enjoy!
  • Learn 2 basic recipes to build upon from home: 1) vegan “milk” chocolate and 2) vegan dark chocolate
  • Learn about various sweeteners, from low glycemic to high.
  • Get to sample the chocolates and take a box home to enjoy later ($8 value!)

For more information on the class, and to register, please visit:

Love Your Liver this Spring!

How to Live in Harmony with Spring for Optimal Health- Wednesday March 27th at 6:30pm.

Spring is finally upon us, and as such, it is time to shift your nutritional intake and habits to stay in rhythm with the natural cycles and to support the organ of the season – the all important liver.
The liver has over 500 distinct functions, and in Chinese medicine, it is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) in the body. When congested, this can look like frustration and anger, difficult menstrual cycles and imbalanced hormones, poor vision and poor digestion, among other things. As the liver is so key to so many functions, an out of balance liver affects all other organs.
The promise of new growth and the rise of the dandelions in spring also bring changes in our daily activities. It is a time to also nourish our creativity and to start moving more, feeding off the energy the warmth and promise of spring provides, setting aside the stimulants that may have helped fuel us throughout the darkness and cold of winter.
Living in concert with nature and tuning back into our circadian rhythm is fundamental to our good mental, emotional and physical health.

In this talk you will learn:

  • the most appropriate foods to consume to nourish and detoxify your body in spring

  • daily habits to focus on to enhance your changes in nutrient intake

  • the herbs to focus on to enhance and complement your food intake

  • how to best support your circadian rhythm to optimize your overall health

  • recipes to incorporate tonic herbs and mushrooms easily into your daily life to nourish your liver, your body and mind

Please join us at Lotus Herbal Health on the 27th of March at 6:30pm. Bring a pen and notebook and your questions. Sample beverages will be provided for your learning and tasting pleasure.

Click Here to Register!

Upcoming Talk: Liver Health and Intermittent Fasting Thursday March 7th

Do you suffer from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol?

Is losing weight seemingly impossible?

Brain Fog? Memory Problems?

Mental and Physical Fatigue?

Rose would love to share her knowledge and personal stories of her fasting journey with all of you. It was a bit of a struggle in the beginning but by easing into it she’s now been on the intermittent fasting protocol for over 4 months now and is doing wonderfully! Intermittent fasting has a ton of research behind it and is a powerful method to help get your metabolism working right again!

Join us on the evening of March 7th to better understand the health benefits of intermittent fasting, and more importantly, allow Rose to help you overcome any fears associated with intermittent fasting. Concerns such as low energy and/or brain fog can indeed be overcome!

If you want a cheap and easy but EFFECTIVE way to improve your well-being, this night is for you!

When: March 07th (Thursday) from 6:30-8:00pm

Where: Lotus Herbal Health 8417 Elbow Drive S.W.

Who: Rose Devries

Cost: $10

Registration: Required. Sign up here —> Registration for Rose’s Talk

Curious about what intermittent fasting does for the body? Check out this short animated video for a great intro!

Cannanda CB2 products now in store!

We’ve been waiting SO LONG for products that act like CBD! We have an amazing line of new products by Cannanda, a Canadian company that is utilizing terpenes to activate different receptors in the body- primarily our endocannabinoid receptors.

What are terpenes? They have a great explanation on their website but they’re basically the individual components that make up essential oils. Most of their products are designed to be inhaled, just like with essential oils. What are endocannabinoid receptors? They are the most abundant receptors throughout our entire body and brain that allow our cells to talk to each other and to heal (amongst other things). The whole endocannabinoid system (ECS) is our master regulator of homeostasis! Watch the video below for more info.

We carry all 5 of their products. The CB2 products activate our CB2 receptors, the same ones that respond to CBD. Those products are the CB2 Wellness Blend and High Ground Immune Blend. They may “reduce pain and inflammation, protect the cardiovascular and nervous systems, ease joint pain, and reduce anxiety.” These products work directly and immediately on the ECS whereas it’s recently been discovered that CBD works indirectly– it’s helping our bodys’ own cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) stick around in our system longer, rather than offering benefits in and of itself. We believe that these products have a great likelihood of outperforming CBD due to their direct effects. That being said, they can be used alongside CBD to increase the benefits.

The Enhanced Effect is a blend designed to break the tolerance effect experienced by chronic cannabis users. This product works on our CB1 receptors, the same ones that THC bonds to. All you do is inhale throughout your session, allowing users to cut down the amount of product they use by as much as half.

The High Ground Immune Blend is designed to stop a cold or flu in its tracks. Keep a bottle in your pocket for when bugs are flying around! Great for when you’re traveling.

The High Achievers Focus Blend effects the acetylcholine in our brain, the neurotransmitter involved in memory and focus. Great for students, seniors, folks with brain injuries, and daytime cannabis users who want help getting rid of brain fog.

Here’s a video that does a wonderful job explaining the ECS in fairly simple terms. Questions? Come in and chat with us. We have testers available of their products for you to try :)

How to Make Your Own Raw Chocolates for Libido and Longevity

Join us Friday February 22nd or Saturday February 23rd to learn how to make your own raw chocolates infused with libido and longevity-boosting superfoods!

Valentine’s Day may be over soon but most of us could use a little help keeping the love alive all year round, and what better way to do so than with handcrafted aphrodisiac chocolates!?

Not interested in boosting libido? We encourage you to attend anyways! You’ll learn a bunch (see below), and what a lot of people don’t realize is that longevity and libido are connected- they’re both controlled by the kidneys/adrenals. You will leave the workshop with knowledge of how to increase longevity by supporting this system with nutrition and superherbs.

We’ll be featuring products from two companies we adore: Peruvian Harvest (raw organic Peruvian criollo cacao) and New Earth Organics (local superfood company).

We only have space for 10 people per workshop, so act quickly! Registration is required.

*Please do not bring young children as space is incredibly limited*

Attendees will:

  • Learn about the benefits of raw cacao products
  • Learn about which medicinal mushrooms and superfoods support libido and longevity
  • Learn how to transform the superfoods in their cupboards into delicious healthy chocolates
  • Learn 2 basic recipes to build upon from home: 1) vegan “milk” chocolate and 2) vegan sugar-free dark chocolate
  • Witness a live demo of one recipe that incorporates what we’ve learned
  • Take home a sample of chocolates from each recipe

Please bring a pen and notepad to take notes, if desired. Mandy will be providing printed chocolate recipes to take home.

Date: your choice of either Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd

Time: 1pm-2:30pm

Cost: $25 (plus $1.87 for Eventbrite fees)

Register here —>