Our Mission

At Lotus Herbal Health we believe that in order to achieve good health, we must strive to attain a perfect balance of yin and yang in our physical bodies. In China, my native country, we say “When a yin-type person consumes yin herbs and foods, it is like putting a rock on a drowning person in a well. If a predominantly yang person takes yang herbs and foods, it is like adding oil to a fire.”

Our focus is on fermentation and medicinal mushrooms. Both of which can be used as valuable tools for achieving perfect balance in the body, and therefore health.

We understand that people need healthier digestive tracts and to absorb nutrition from the foods we eat, but also to ensure the absorption of our daily probiotics. We managed to find an amazing ionic probiotic that doesn’t rely on the ability of our bodies to digest, as it completely bypasses the digestive tract altogether, going straight to the bloodstream instead, making it easily accessible for our bodies. And we also found a special fermented formula, which charges the enzyme fragments with energy allowing them to function as bodily enzymes almost immediate (we need more then 10 000 different enzymes each day. Enzyme are large proteins, if they are not in a bio-available form, the body is only able to absorb a small percentage of them). We love sharing this sort of valuable information with our customers, whom we hope, can benefit greatly from having such knowledge. Each customer is like a precious gem, and we hope that any small but genuine and truthful bit of information we can offer will help polish their journey towards good health.

Our shelves are full of medicinal mushrooms in both powder and capsules form. In my country, we have been using these valuable fungi for millennia. At one point these powerful tonics were reserved only for royalty. Today, we are happy to announce that everyone can have access to these treasures in an affordable price range. The medicinal mushrooms are classified as “super tonic adaptogens,” which sit at the top of the herbal chart according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This means they are suitable for both yin and yang types.

Rose Devries

Rose de Vries

My name is Rose de Vries, having been born and raised in China, where herbal traditions prevail, as a child I paid attention to master herbalists, and learned how to self-diagnose. I started looking carefully at people’s faces, tongues, and ears and using the sense of smell as a way to identify warnings that indicate early signs of illness in the physical body. Finally, as tradition dictates, we began asking people about their symptoms listening carefully for clues. I had witnessed how herbal masters could detect exactly what was going on in the body just by paying attention to external clues and felt inspired.

When I was in India, I witnessed the very limited diet of the monks as they ate only handfuls of food each day, and yet I saw how they maintained beautiful health. I became aware that it was through the balance of body and mind that they could achieve perfect health with the help of very little food. I began to realize that overeating food is only entertainment for the mind. How can we strive to achieve this balance between mind and body?

At Lotus Herbal Health we believe medicinal mushrooms will guide us in this direction. We know that every step of every day should be filled with light and joy. Enjoying good health certainly helps with this, and gives us the endurance we need in life.

Rose de Vries