Our next raw chocolate workshop is coming up quick! This time, the focus is on liver health and we’ll be creating chocolates that will appeal to children- just in time for Easter!

Why liver health? Springtime is the time of the Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the season of the liver (and gallbladder). If your liver qi (energy) isn’t flowing smoothly you’ll probably be noticing things this time of the year like an increase in irritability and anger, and problems with digestion, sleep or menstruation.

Don’t be intimidated, making your own raw chocolates is quick and easy! Once you’ve learned these basic skills that suit any dietary need, the options are endless as to what you can create at home.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about the benefits of raw cacao products
  • Learn about which medicinal mushrooms and superfoods support the liver/gallbladder
  • Learn how to transform the superfoods in their cupboards into delicious healthy chocolates that even kids will enjoy!
  • Learn 2 basic recipes to build upon from home: 1) vegan “milk” chocolate and 2) vegan dark chocolate
  • Learn about various sweeteners, from low glycemic to high.
  • Get to sample the chocolates and take a box home to enjoy later ($8 value!)

For more information on the class, and to register, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/raw-chocolate-making-workshop-for-easter-and-liver-health-tickets-58947710188

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