How can we define beauty??? And how can we Age gracefully???

It is defined by our self worth and unconditional self love. By the we treat ourselves and by our awareness of our bodies can be synchronize with the universes true consciousness. This is where stems true happiness and contentment.

I use three things everyday:

  1. Schizandra for liver support. In the old days of China we say: consume schizandra for 100 days and our skin will become transformed with radiate beauty.
  2.  Ollie -19 herbs probiotic fermentation for beauty and digestive support.
  3. And the Ellie Bianca body oil,  which is made from top quality organic body oils.(it is truly a fantastic oil, smells so fresh and joyful). All you need is a few drops for the whole body and face. Now it is on sale for 15% off in our shop.

Experience the full collection of Ellie’s body oils in person on Thursday October 11th from 12-3pm during our Demo day.  For more information on Ellie Bianca and founder Evelyne Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol please visit their website.

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