Derek Fleming

Come and join us at Lotus Herbal Health on February 1st, 2015 @ 12pm for a fee public talk by Master Herbalist Derek Fleming – the founder of New Earth Organics. Derek will be speaking to us about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and how they benefit our immune system, increase our energy and restore the body to a healthy balance.

New Earth Organics is a Canadian based company founded by Master Herbalist Derek Fleming in Calgary, Alberta.

New Earth Organics intent is to educate that ‘real food’ carries a life force of infinite complexity. It is the companies belief that this life force (and how it fully interacts with the human body), is beyond the scope of organic chemistry and conventional orthomolecular theory. As Hippocrates once stated..”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – those at New Earth Organics know how true this indeed is.

With intent on bringing to market the most powerful collection of herbs they can find from Local, Continental, and International locations, they are doing their part to help nourish us in the most effective way possible – through the magic of REAL FOODS. They are committed to sustainable practices in the sourcing, production, and promotion of their products.

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