Superherbs and Medicinal Mushrooms for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

An Informative Seminar by Master Herbalist Derek Fleming

Join Master Herbalist Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics & Vital Essence Herbs for this exciting lecture!

Derek will explore many different herbs through the eyes of Taoist tonic herbalism & seasonal herbology attunement theory. If you struggle with stress, fatigue, exhaustion, knee and/or joint pain, adrenal fatigue, low sex drive or generally not feeling your best ever then this is the class for you!!

Attendees will:
-Learn Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms that are the best for combating stress & enhancing longevity
-Learn how the winter (kidney/adrenal season) is arguably the most important season of the year
-Learn how to effectively rebuild your “Jing” Energy to combat fatigue, aging, exhaustion, aches and pains
-Learn the background and usage information for each of the medicinal ingredients
-Learn how to craft a delicious ‘Jing Adrenal Elixir” that will help you combat stress, improve your health,
and extend your lifespan!

A $45 ticket value FOR ONLY $10!

***Registration is Required*** Click here to Register!

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